Testosterone: The Key To Your Mojo

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Testosterone - this is where most men tend to focus. Testosterone is linked to masculinity. It allows us to build muscle and shed fat. It powers our sex drive. It helps push us to succeed. When testosterone levels are at a healthy level we feel strong, motivated and confident.

Low testosterone has become a common problem with men. Fatigue, loss of muscle mass, fat gain, low energy, low libido, erectile dysfunction and higher risk of disease are all linked to low testosterone. These symptoms can also be a result of estrogen levels being too high. Estrogen is commonly called the “female hormone” but men have smaller amounts of this hormone as well. The more fat we carry, the more at risk we are of having too much estrogen.

Hormones don't just work independently, so we need to address other important hormones that affect our testosterone levels. For example, when we have chronic stress our cortisol levels are elevated. When cortisol is elevated, testosterone levels will decrease. Also, when leptin and insulin are not working properly, our body can go into energy conservation mode. In this state our testosterone levels will decrease and we will store excess body fat.  If we have too much body fat, especially belly fat, we have an environment for converting testosterone into estrogen. 

Our hormones work together with our nervous system and can contribute to a healthy body, or a sick body depending on if they are working properly or not. We need to focus on creating an environment for healthy, thriving hormones to attain optimal health.


The "Take Back Your Mojo" course will teach you how this works and help you create a personalized plan to get your hormones functioning optimally for healthy testosterone levels.



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