Excess Body Fat and Hormones

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Excess body fat can wreak havoc on our hormones and cause a number of health issues. Adipose tissue (body fat) correlates to estrogen. Men with too much body fat have too much estrogen, which is harmful to health as well as masculinity. Stomach fat can also interfere with testosterone production.

More fat equals more leptin. Too much leptin turns off the full signal to the brain, so we eat more. This causes insulin to be elevated which stores more fat. Our body can become a fat storing machine when our hormones are working in these ways.

Get proper sleep, eat well with spaced out meals, reduce and manage stress, and exercise consistently. A key to losing fat and balancing hormones is your gut health. Eat a variety of vegetables on a daily basis and focus on prebiotics and probiotics to encourage healthy gut bacteria. Commit to making the necessary changes to your daily habits and watch the fat melt off. 

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