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Improve Your Sleep, Improve Your Health!

cortisol Hormonal Imbalance in Men improve sleep melatonin

Sleep and hormones are critical to each other. Proper sleep encourages proper hormone function, and proper hormone function encourages deep, restorative sleep. Our body has a natural circadian rhythm which is influenced by various factors. For example, light stimulates cortisol which causes use to be awake, while darkness stimulates melatonin which causes use to get sleepy and promotes deep sleep. Physical activity, or lack of physical activity, our diet and meal timing, stress and inflammation are some other things that influence our sleep quality and our hormone health. To encourage deeper, high quality sleep we need to get our hormones...

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Digestion and Hormones

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Proper digestion is important so that we extract the nutrients from our food. Poor digestion is a main cause of unbalanced hormones. When we eat, a lot of hormones are activated. We need to slow down and chew our food to a paste to allow our digestive system to work well. It is important to space our meals out so our digestive system isn’t working overtime, and it gets a chance to rest. It helps to fast for at least 12 hours at night between your last meal of one day, and your first meal of the next.  Going on an...

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