Improve Your Sleep, Improve Your Health!

cortisol Hormonal Imbalance in Men improve sleep melatonin

Sleep and hormones are critical to each other. Proper sleep encourages proper hormone function, and proper hormone function encourages deep, restorative sleep. Our body has a natural circadian rhythm which is influenced by various factors. For example, light stimulates cortisol which causes use to be awake, while darkness stimulates melatonin which causes use to get sleepy and promotes deep sleep. Physical activity, or lack of physical activity, our diet and meal timing, stress and inflammation are some other things that influence our sleep quality and our hormone health. To encourage deeper, high quality sleep we need to get our hormones...

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The Hormones Behind Energy and Fat Storage

glucagon Hormonal Imbalance in Men insulin leptin lose weight low energy type 2 diabetes unbalanced hormones

Are you a snacker? If we are constantly eating we are keeping our insulin levels elevated which can lead to insulin resistance and possibly type 2 diabetes. Insulin is critical in how the body uses and stores energy. If not working properly, we can feel fatigued and store excess fat. There is a natural rhythm with insulin and glucagon. When we eat, insulin levels are elevated, slowly falling the next few hours after a meal. When insulin levels get low, glucagon rises and helps our body access stored fuel for our energy needs until our next meal. Constantly eating upsets...

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When Adrenaline and Cortisol Become A Problem

Hormonal Imbalance in Men

  Our bodies have a built in survival mechanism for times when we are in danger. In response to a threat, the brain sends a distress signal to the hypothalamus, which is part of the brain that connects the endocrine system to the nervous system. From this signal, adrenaline is released and triggers the sympathetic nervous systems “fight or flight” response. This causes changes in our body to help us deal with the threat. Increased blood pressure and heart rate push blood into our muscles. Our breathing becomes rapid to increase oxygen intake. Our alertness increases and stored glucose is...

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Tired Of Always Feeling Tired? Beat Fatigue and Increase Your Energy!

balance hormones chronic inflammation chronic stress cortisol energy fatigue Hormonal Imbalance in Men hormones improve sleep inflammation insulin low energy

Many men experience low energy and fatigue on a regular and consistent basis. There could be several reasons for this, so it's always a good idea to visit your doctor to rule out any underlying health issues.  Your hormones help to determine your energy storage and expenditure. Without having balanced and thriving hormones, you will likely experience low energy and fatigue. Your hormones and your nervous system work together to monitor and adjust the physiological activities of your body. Hormones such as insulin, leptin and even testosterone are critical in how your body stores and uses energy. Tips for balancing your hormones...

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Can't Gain Muscle? This Could Be Why!

balance hormones gain muscle insulin leptin men’s health testosterone unbalanced hormones

  If you're working out properly for muscle growth and eating an aggressive diet but still not able to pack on size, the problem may be with your hormones. Two hormones that promote muscle growth are testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH). Having low levels of these hormones reduces your ability to build muscle mass.  Proper testosterone and HGH levels stimulate muscle growth when we work out and feed our muscles the proper nutrition. If our levels of these hormones are low, we don't have the proper hormonal signalling to build muscle. Our hormones work as a system, so to improve our testosterone and...

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