Digestion and Hormones

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Proper digestion is important so that we extract the nutrients from our food. Poor digestion is a main cause of unbalanced hormones. When we eat, a lot of hormones are activated. We need to slow down and chew our food to a paste to allow our digestive system to work well. It is important to space our meals out so our digestive system isn’t working overtime, and it gets a chance to rest. It helps to fast for at least 12 hours at night between your last meal of one day, and your first meal of the next. 

Going on an elimination diet (taking out foods that are common food allergens) can help reduce inflammation and allow your gut to heal. It can help you determine which foods cause inflammation in your body. Make sure your gut bacteria is healthy by eating foods with prebiotics and probiotics. Most people are familiar with probiotics but not with prebiotics. Prebiotic fibres feed your probiotics and allows them to thrive. Eating a variety of colourful fruits and vegetables on a daily basis will help provide a diverse spectrum of beneficial gut bacteria.

If you have digestive issues, get some help. Talk to a nutritionist or ND. Make sure you don’t have leaky gut syndrome, which is an issue with unhealthy gut lining that inhibits proper digestion and triggers inflammation.

Supplements such as digestive enzymes and probiotics may help as well. Drink bone broth to help heal your gut.

Great health and hormone function starts in the gut, so make your gut health a priority. 

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