3 Ways To Increase Growth Hormone

Growth hormone is important for growth, tissue repair and maintaining healthy tissues, cell production and regeneration, fat loss and muscle gain. It helps to increase our quality of sleep and helps us to age well (lack of this hormone could accelerate aging). 

Here are 3 ways to increase growth hormone:

1. Intermittent fasting: Taking longer stretches between meals increases GH. It helps to fast at least 12 hours between your last meal of one day and your first meal of the next day.

2. Get enough quality sleep: The majority of your GH is produced while you sleep. A rise in GH will also improve your sleep quality and lower your stress hormone cortisol. Eating carbs and protein before bed helps with GH production.

3. Eat good quality protein: The amino acids help provide building blocks for GH.

Growth hormone is an important hormone for general health and for being physically fit. It helps with body composition and is important for building muscle.

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